How Branding Impacts Purchasing Decisions

How Branding Impacts Purchasing Decisions
Have you ever wondered what impact branding has on purchasing decisions? According to Caroline Currie, Sales and Marketing Director of The Clarion Group, it’s all about ‘The Story’.There is no doubt that branding influences customer purchase decisions. It reinforces advertising campaigns around products, and builds brand awareness and loyalty. Most importantly, branding influences the decision of customers as to WHERE they will spend their money.What could possibly entice any customer to part with their money in a bland and uninspiring store environment? A store that does not communicate with potential customers; who is not telling them about their exciting products through a programme of ‘in store’ visual branding, or a store without atmosphere and visual impact will lose its’ customer’s attention.

The importance of dynamic branding

Customers need to be influenced and SOLD products through ‘The Story’ in the form of dynamic branding.A store that keeps its customers interested in its’ merchandise needs to portray an on-going ‘ feel good’, in-store experience. They can then LIVE the experience promoted through a store’s brand awareness campaign. That customer will immediately be encouraged to stay in the store and buy buy buy! That person, duly influenced, will maintain a solid, loyal and meaningful relationship with the brandr, having bought into their brand awareness outreach.Does a customer enter a store and say to themselves, “It’s 40 degrees outside, I should buy my winter wardrobe today” or, “I don’t care about where or how my vegetables are grown, so why should I purchase organic?”. “Am I really ready for some festive holiday shopping when it’s only October?” Without meaningful branding, what will enhance and excite customers under these circumstances, and influence their buying habits?Overnight, or from season to season, a store can change it’s image or product story through the influence which printed branding, in it’s many shapes and forms, can bring to bear on the customers’ mind set.Related:  Clarion Retail brands Audi showroomsSuddenly, through the introduction of beautiful winter fashion images, it is already winter in the mind of the person, who can really feel the need to buy some warm clothing; huge vistas of cows grazing on farmland with rolling hills and sheds in the countryside have brought the countryside to the store, to tell the customer the story of why they need to buy superior organic produce; and the holiday spirit can be easily created by enhancing that festive feeling in us all. Who can resist those gifts after seeing an array of red and white images and thousands of twinkling stars? The holidays are JUST around the corner after all, we can’t waste time!These messages are all brought to life through the use of printed branding, influencing the shopper’s decisions and creating awareness for the company’s products.Branding sells merchandise; helps customers’ dreams come true at point of purchase, and impacts on the profitable bottom line of such retail business by building it’s customer relationship base through the use of stimulating in-store image campaigns which tell The Story.

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