Retail Display Ideas That Encourage Buying

Retail Display Ideas That Encourage Buying

To encourage buying, retailers need to understand the importance of visual merchandising.  From window displays to wallpaper branding and floor graphics, it is essential that your retail displays reflect your brand voice and offer a point of reference to your target market.

Window branding are billboards that serve to catch the eye and offer enough of a ‘hook’ to get people into your store, like a special offer, an enticing promotion or even the promise of an unforgettable experience. Using this ‘window of opportunity’ to it’s fullest potential is vital because this is the first thing a client will see when walking past, or walking into your shop.

Instore Branding

In-store branding can include window displays, which are ideal for visual merchandising if the actual window is not already communicating something. With window displays the ideas are endless. This is a great way to show off your new arrivals, right at the front of the store so that customers can see your new stock, and get lured in. Use the display area that is closest to the door to show your newest arrivals in the best light. Consider adding text to these displays to drive home the message you are communicating in the display, like “Hot New Arrivals”, “Summer Sale Now On!” or “Just Unpacked!”

You are also able to get the most out of the design and create extreme visual intensity by using printed wallpaper or vinyl. These mediums are stylish, classy and allow you to:

  • Set the theme
  • Brand your store and
  • Create a visual illusion rather simply yet effectively. This option is ideal as you are not wasting any floor space, but rather simply creating wall art that will not only add to the personality of your store but can be used to showcase options, statements, or even your company’s motto or a pertinent statement.

There are many aspects that can be applied to visual branding in order to communicate not only special offers and promotions, but also your unique brand voice, style and feeling which is what builds loyal customers. There is an option of visual merchandising for every type of store; your personality, theme, space and target market is what helps to determine what will work best for you.

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