The Clarion Group specialises in retail and showroom branding that reflect our client’s brand’s characteristics in a functional and flexible way.  The combination of elements such as posters, hanging banners, window graphics, and cut outs all add to the overall effect and image of the store or showroom, increasing brand and product awareness for our clients.

Retail and Showroom Branding Specialists

We understand the retail industry and often work within tight turnaround times to deliver high quality results.  Our factory runs 24 hours a day, and we enable our team to make quick decisions and plan accordingly in order to get the job done.Products:
  1. Floor Graphics
  2. Window Graphics
  3. Wall Mark – Wall graphics
  4. Back Illuminated Graphics
  5. Showroom Branding
  6. Point of Sale Items
  7. Block Mounted Canvases
  8. Fabric framing systems
  9. Cardboard mechanics
  10. Xanita board conversion
To see what we can offer your brand, please visit http://www.clarion.co.za/retail-branding/ for more information.