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Clarion moving media

Fleet Branding

Clarion Moving Media


  • In the commuter society we live in, outdoor branding has the power to reach more consumers than newspapers or television. In a driving country like South Africa, vehicle brandingbecomes moving outdoor advertising. Moving media takes your brand to market using your very own vehicles. With over 40 years experience and country-wide coverage,Clarion Moving Media has the resources to design, produce and implement any fleet branding rollouts you require
  • The cost of advertising over the life of the vehicle is ultimately negligible, and in truth there are few other forms of advertising that small businesses can opt forthat come close to the cost per impression of vehicle wrapping. Our expertise lies in driving your brand across the country in the most visually impactful and cost effective way. Even the mostfamous brands in the world know that vehicle wraps are crucial to their brand awareness strategy.
  • Since service is what separates the leaders from the pack, Clarion Moving Media provide dedicated customer service professionals in Cape Town and Johannesburg. You can relyon experienced staff, who have a thorough understanding of our products and processes, to provide the quickest possible response to any customer query.

Clarion moving media


Clarion moving media

National Branding Footprint

Clarion moving media

Why Choose Us?

Full fleet audit and branding project management service.
Wide range of speciality products and substrates, all of which are quality tested & guaranteed.
National vehicle and fleet branding footprint.
Innovative Ideas

Streets Ahead

  • To enhance the visual impact of our vehicle branding we use Reflective, Contra Vision, Luminous/Glow in the Dark, Florescent, Pearlescent and Prismatic markings.
  • At our fully equipped laboratory we test all materials to confirm that they conform to the supplier specifications andwill perform well when it comes to light fastness, weather-resistance and durability.
  • Large rebranding programs are time consuming and technical. To assist the marketing or fleet manager, Clarion has devised a Project Management Program that takesfull responsibility for the entire roll out. From design to prototype approval, manufacture and application, our system keeps you fully informed..
Clarion moving media

Rapid Framing System

Clarion moving media


Clarion moving media


What type of truck tarpaulins does Clarion Moving Media specialize in?

Tautliner Curtains, Tautliner Roof Systems, Tipper & Grain Carrier Covers and Flat Deck Cover.

Does Clarion Moving Media have BEE certification?

Clarion is proud to have concluded a Black Economic Empowerment deal, and are now 26% black owned, making our current certification a level 4 contributor. Further supporting documentation is available upon request.

What printing technology does Clarion Moving Media rely on?

Our digital department has state-of-the-art, high resolution large & medium format digital machines. The screen-printing plant has a range of large & small format, fully & semi-automated screen-printing machines, that print in numerous different formats. Up to date lithographic equipment ensures we deliver consistently in this format too.

What does the full service entail?

First, our design studio conceptualizes, designs and illustrates the idea based on your brief. Then, our DTP and repro department prepare print files for the production department. Finally, a fully printed sample is presented to you for approval before production commences.

How does one take care of the graphics once applied?

The vehicle should not be washed within 36 hours of application, to allow maximum adhesion to the surface area. Avoid washing your vehicle with a high pressure hose and/or hard bristle brooms, as this could cause lifting on the edges. Hand washing and the use of a mild detergent is recommended, with the use of a non-abrasive sponge.

Where does application of vehicle branding take place?

We are able to effect applications on a national basis, at either our clients premises, should they have a suitable facility, or any one of our facilities in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban.

Will the vinyl damage my vehicle on removal?

If the decals have been applied to a factory painted vehicle, then the removal of graphics will not be a problem, however should the vehicle have been re-sprayed, have cracks or peeling, this could be problematic on removal.

What kind of product longevity can one expect?

Depending on the specification, process and substrates used in the manufacturing process, the longevity of the various components is between 3 to 5 years. Although the specification of the conformable long term vinyls are 5 to 7 years, the inks have a limited warranty of 2 to 3 years, as this element is a fully imported from Europe or America. As our UV levels are higher in sub-Saharan Africa, the warranties cannot be extended beyond this time frame.

How long is the manufacturing process?

Depending on the number of vehicles and the degree of difficulty of the installation, the manufacturing process could vary from 4 to 5 days and longer for larger quantities of vehicles. However during the quotation process, we will advise on timings specific to your equipment. 

What is the vehicle wrap procedure?

Design and approval of layout, tracings and then manufacture and preparation of media for installation. Final step in the process is that of applying the decals to the vehicle.

What is meant by design of vehicle graphics?

We have a full in-house design department which is able to assist with the design of the fleet graphic or the client would supply finished artwork and print ready disk.

What are the benefits of vehicle and fleet branding?

Brand awareness through increased visibility, vehicles are viewed on specific routes and in certain areas.