Drupa 2016 Update

During May, I had the opportunity to visit Drupa 2016 in Dusseldorf, which sees the major manufacturers of digital, off set and screen printing equipment showing off their latest technology, housed in over 17 halls, over a 5 day period, attracting more than 314 000 thousand visitors from all over the world.

What was always going to be of interest was to see the strides that have been made with regards to commercial digital print technology, specifically to production running speeds and the quality of these prints at high speed. The ink technology been developed for these high speed commercial digital printing applications, is called Nanotechnology, which simply put, allows high speed print capabilities, with incredible colour gambits at best possible print quality, which even surpasses off set print quality!

Some of the equipment displayed by Landa showcased this new technology perfectly, by demonstrating their commercial digital machines capacity to print 15 000 B1 (B1 is the oversized paper size for special application at 1000mm by 707mm which can support normal paper sizes of A1 and smaller) sheets per hour, which is truly remarkable. Whilst this technology remains expensive, it will certainly trickle down to other machines manufactures over time and I have no doubt that higher running speeds will become the norm.

The show also provided ourselves with an opportunities to interact with our many international suppliers to hear first-hand about some of the new digital technologies that are been developed. The one over whelming message that was illuminated at the show and that was mentioned in some way or another by all the major industry players was the importance of “adding value to your customer”, this is something that we have been extremely conscious of at Clarion, I have no doubt that our ability to show and prove our added value offering to our clients has not only enabled our company to grow, but has most certainly added value to our customers brands, which has enabled them to enhance their value offering to their customers.