How Customers Are Changing The Way They Shop

How Customers Are Changing The Way They Shop

It might be a new year, but the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means that there are further challenges for the retail industry to come in 2021. We spoke to Caroline Currie, Sales and Marketing Director of The Clarion Group about the significant changes she’s seen in the retail industry since the start of lockdown and how customers are changing the way they shop.

Consumer shopper behaviour has definitely shifted. Customers are more targeted in their shopping excursions due to Covid. Shopping trips to mall’s are more structured, pre-planned and customers are moving faster through retail outlets to avoid exposure, in other words spending less time in malls and stores. The days of taking families to malls over the week-end has also shifted. ~What has this taught retailers?

It is imperative to grab your customers attention immediately at the first line of sight of your stores.  

Window displays more than ever are critical to sales by drawing consumers in store. Once in store you have a limited window of opportunity to sell to clients. Many customers already have a clear idea in their minds as to what they wish to purchase. Impulse buying in stores still exists but again your POS and product promotional material needs to “talk” to the customer fast, clearly and encourage them to purchase. Interesting, eye catching product displays are critical in this process. These messages coming from marketing should be so aspirational and relevant that consumers need and want the products on display.

Engaging with consumers in stores using smart advertising and creating interesting “theatre” keeps your consumer in store longer and therefore increases the possibility of additional sales.

I spent some time in stores recently watching shoppers’ behaviour in front of window displays and in the store environment. It was extremely interesting to visibly notice that brands, who show aspirational lifestyle images, family deals and enticing sales promotions/pricing have increased consumers looking at their windows, proceeding into the store and hopefully walking out the store with some decent sized shopping bags!

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